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Die jährige Lilja aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion lebt mit ihrer Mutter in einem heruntergekommenen Vorort und träumt von einem besseren Leben in Amerika. Doch die Mutter verschwindet mit ihrem Geliebten ohne die Tochter in die USA. In einer. Lilja 4-ever (gesprochen wie englisch Lilja forever; „Lilja für immer“ oder „Lilja auf ewig“) ist der dritte Spielfilm des schwedischen Regisseurs Lukas Moodysson. Wer nach „Lilja 4-ever“ sagt, dass er es so genau nun wirklich nicht wissen wollte​, hat unser volles Verständnis. Direkt zu Beginn des Films. Lilja 4-ever. (65)1h 44min Die Sechzehnjährige Lilja und ihr kleiner Freund Wolodja leben in Estland und träumen von einem besseren Leben. - Kaufen Sie Lilja 4-Ever (Einzel-DVD) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​.

lilja 4 ever - Kaufen Sie Lilja 4-Ever (Einzel-DVD) günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Zur Prostitution gezwungen: Lukas Moodysons Film "Lilja 4-ever" über eine junge Russin. Internationaler Titel: Lilya 4-ever Die jährige Lilja lebt allein in einem tristen Vorort irgendwo in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion und träumt.

But a few minutes later you may see pain in her eyes. If you are thinking about what is happing in the movie, you will understand her reactions.

When it is painful then she cries without hope, when it is too painful she doesn't seems to react at all exactly like you!

The one that will become more close to her than anyone else is the street kid and male leading character Volodja act by the 12 year old Artiom Bogutjarskij his first movie.

I have worked with street children and his acting is very authentic. When everything falls apart for Lilja, Volodja becomes her last hope, he is never leaving her in her mind he is always close.

He is the one who is always there, the one that catches her when she falls. Lukas said in an interview that Volodja are a shape of Jesus in the end you will understand.

These parts are telling about the dreams of Lilja, whom makes it easier to understand her vision of hope.

Lukas is the best Swedish director now and maybe of all time. The integrity of his actors is intact, that he manages to do it in a movie like this shows how good as a director he is.

He has a moving respect for Oksana and the way he cares about her integrity is the thing that makes this movie worth looking.

His manuscript is trustworthy and don't have any illogical lacks. Nothing is darker than it could be in the reality.

All characters are three dimensional and even the evil characters are human, even the victims are not just victims.

You may wonder if the reality is this dark. Though the movie is fictional and not about her, many of the memorable things that are happening to Lilja in the movie did happen to Dangoule Rasalaite from Latvia between the 17th September and the 10th January Lukas read about her in an article.

The reality is always worse than the fiction. The young actors do carry the weight of the movie with grace. Their acting against each other is moving, it is a special chemistry between them.

Lukas has the gift of finding the right persons for the characters in all is movies, and Lilja 4-ever is not an exception.

Last Monday Lilja forever won 5 out of 6 gold beagles the most important Swedish film award it was nominated to Artiom was also nominated for best performance by an actor.

The awards it won were for best movie, best picture, best manuscript, best direction, and the most important of them all, best performance by an actress.

Trafficking is the third biggest illegal industry in the world; it makes this movie so important. Lukas Moodysson and Oksana did manage to wake up this nation, to show that our reality is not as good as we thought.

We can see it in the reactions of the cinema public, how people are talking about it afterwards, and in the newspapers. The Swedish government are working for the possibility to show this movie in schools all over the former Sovjet Union.

Lukas has said that if this movie can convince one girl to make other decisions than Lilja and to many other young girls; this movie was worth making.

This movie is worth more than all the awards it has won and all the awards it will win. This movie can change your point of view, it is that message of hope it brings.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I like films that make one think. They don't answer one's questions, but rather help one find the answers for oneself.

Such films are so valuable because they explore the human mind and personality. Everyone has been involved in situations when one needs to know what the person in front of him or her is thinking.

Lilja 4-ever is a film that leads us in the dark world of a beautiful girl who has not yet grown enough to face the hardships of life, let alone the hardships of life in a place like that she lives in.

Although the film is much acclaimed because it raises the problem of human traffic, it achieves much more than that. It raises the problems of human selfishness, betrayal, dignity, hopelessness, lie.

It explores love and friendship. It conveys a simple but incredibly important message - we are those who are responsible. What fascinates me about European cinema is that it explores in great depth the human personality.

Lilja 4-ever employs an ordinary script and is directed in a way that ,at the time of watching, one does not, at all, think about the director's work.

Thus, one can concentrate entirely on the plot, on the development of the characters and their stories.

For that, I congratulate Lukas Moodysson. Critics acclaim the film because it concerns the problem of human traffic. However, much of the film focuses on Lilja's life before she is forced into prostitution.

During that time, Moodysson carefully explains why many people end up leading such terrible lives.

She is an innocent girl who knows almost nothing about life. In an unbelievably short period of time she is abandoned by her mother, thrown out by her aunt, betrayed by her friends, cynically humiliated by her teacher.

The only hope she has is her dream that one day she would be able to go to a beautiful country where she would meet hospitable people and have many opportunities.

She is striving for happiness and tries to find it anywhere she can. Unfortunately, the only people who offer their help are little Volodja and a deceitful man.

Volodja is the little boy who finds the angel inside Lilja. Ironically, the only person who truly likes and wants to help her is incapable of doing so.

His life is as miserable as hers. Lilja is abandoned, left to starve, raped, forced into prostitution, and yet not one of these moments disturbed me as much as the smile on her face when she is lied by a person in whom she sees hope and salvation.

In my opinion, that is the single strongest and most substantial moment in the whole film. Lilja 4-ever is a masterpiece in its own way.

It changes perspectives It manages to explain how innocent and pure a prostitute's mind can be. How many of us relate words such as pure and innocent to prostitution?

It urges us to be concerned, to feel responsible, and to believe in the importance of GOOD I wasn't surprised by how perfect this film is from the first second to the last, since it's directed by Lukas Moodysson.

I could find only one minor flaw, which is Lilya's make-up after the fall. But everything else was wonderful.

I hadn't heard of Oksana Akinshina before, but I have a strong feeling I will in the near future. She's really good.

I was also amazed by the acting of the little boy. The frames come so strong that you start to empathize with Lilya after some point.

By the end of the film, I was feeling like she was my sister and I wanted to knock those procurers' heads off.

I've heard the plot is based on a true story of a Lithuanian girl. I think it's not based on one single true story, it's rather a blend of several true stories.

There are many Lilyas, Natalias, Annas out there who are suffering a similar fate. It's so very sad to see how those innocent girls grow into prostitutes just because they're born in some particular country.

Anyone with a heart will be touched and anyone with a taste on movies will be stunned by this movie. I'll buy the DVD as soon as it's available.

It's a must have for any collection. One of the rare films I would watch more than once. Total Deeply moving, effective and sharp skoo79 22 October The former is a transaction between 2 consenting parties who understand the implication of the deal what is known as the world's oldest trade , while the latter is a crime of utmost human grothesqueness.

It is almost in total contradiction to the thought that modern world has achieved civilised behaviour. The film portrays this to a very effective end.

Kudos to the lead actress who brings out the desperation and tragedy of the Lilja's life with such depth.

There were indeed many memorable scenes, 2 which affected me deeply were: when Viktor methodically asked Lilja for her fake passport; and when Lilja was raped in the bathroom by Viktor the very next morning.

Contrast this to the optimism and happiness she felt in the Duty-Free area in the airport no means by a shopaholic and just when she woke up in the apartment in Sweden although it was as about as dreary as her home in Estonia.

The methodical way Viktor asked for Lilja's passport is astounding. Lilja's obviously not his first prostitute and definitely not his last; Viktor is also one of the many pimps who participates actively in this form of slavery.

It is unimaginable the magnitude of this crime. The music, as well as the way the camera was handled added very much more to the film.

In the opening, the music came on so loud and the camera so shaky, you almost know the film would be unbearably painful in more ways than one.

Powerful as the film is, there are some parts which are admittedly over the top. Having Lilja and Volodya play ball with wings on the roof top is quite whimsical actually.

But all said, this was definitely a film worth watching. Lilja 4-ever is an excellently-crafted film created by and for Swedes to help stimulate public debate and redress the issue of the vulnerability of immigrant children.

Unless you're very, very dead inside, Lilja 4-ever will horrify you, move you to tears, and leave you speechless And if you are dead inside, the implicit subject is inexorable capitalist alienation and trauma, so why not catch a representation of your own inner life on film?

Maybe you can work it into a drinking game. Based on actual, turn-of-thest-century suicides of escaped post-Soviet child prostitutes in the suburbs of Sweden, Lilja 4-ever is a well-done drama, featuring terrific acting--especially by Oksana Akinshina and Artyom Bogucharsky.

It presents moody and stark cinematography, fine script-writing, and solid direction. Lilja 4-ever is not a documentary, but its subject is relentlessly grim and real: the tragic personal results of the continued, desperate corrosion of Eastern European society and its tacit, rapaciously opportunistic exploitation in the isolated, commuter highway-bound suburbs of the West.

For its success in making these links visible and cinematic, Lilja 4-ever is outstanding. I saw Lilja 4-ever when it was released in Stockholm in You can't watch this particular movie waiting for some good one-liners to repeat to the guys around the water cooler.

You may not be able to identify with Lilja. You don't need to feel like she could be your girlfriend. For this movie to work, and to grasp who Lilja is, you need to be able to feel human compassion, sympathy and empathy, and to recognize and appreciate the drama in our socio-economic connections.

Director Lukas Moodysson has achieved a film that is so moving that it is hard to forget it after leaving the theater.

Images come back into one's mind about this story about this girl. The tragedy of her life is something to be shocked and alarmed.

To think there are out there, in the so-called civilized world, people that take advantage of girls like Lilja is mind boggling.

Lilja's mother has to be one of the worst monsters ever presented in a film. This woman abandons her 16 year old daughter because she has found a meal ticket with a man that will probably end up leaving her as well.

Lilja is beautifully portrayed by Oksana Akinshina. The actress and her character disappear in front of your eyes.

The story is very true as thousands of naive girls are exported from what it was the old Soviet Union to other countries in order to force them into prostitution.

This story is constantly in the news, yet more and more young girls are duped into going abroad with the promise of highly paid jobs that exist only for the people who exploit them.

Her only friend is Volodya, also a very sad boy who is thrown out of his own house by an abusive father. Volodya and Lilja form a bond as they cling to one another.

The little boy is street wise; he knows the fate that awaits Lilja in Sweden. Their friendship is the only thing they both have.

The sad part of the film is the realization that so called "normal" and perfectly "respectful" people are the same ones that brutalize these children.

They use Lilja to satisfy their sexual appetites, then discard her like yesterday's trash. To know that there are people like that in our society is a very sad commentary about our world.

Contrary to what many people have commented about the film, I thought that in spite of the tragedy of Lilja's and Volodya's lives, it had a very positive ending because both are free to run around in a better place together, which is not a luxury most of us have on our time in this planet.

Moodysson gives us a film that will shock; he dares to go where others wouldn't. A job well done.. Probably, it is because most people here in Russia see the hell which is going on around them as a normal thing.

That's why we need movies such as this - to face the truth, we are so trying to escape in everyday life. Plus, the film exposes the problem of human traffic in such true-to-life manner, it is painful.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the best movies never get the attention that they deserve. Take for instance this "Lilja 4-ever".

It has never been in any large movie theater and is only shown on festivals or on specialized TV stations that broadcast more non-commercial movies.

That's also how I got to see it. I knew about this movie, but had never been able to give it a try, until two days ago when it was finally shown on national television.

Lilja is a 16 year old Estonian girl who will move with her mother and her mother's new boyfriend to the USA. But when it's about time to leave, her mother tells her that she can't come with them right now.

She will have to stay for a while, following them to the USA afterward and until then her mother will send her money. But once they are gone, it quickly gets clear that they have abandoned Lilja and don't want to see her ever again.

She doesn't really have anyone to take care of her and has only one real friend, the young boy Volodja.

Completely out of money, she decides to sell the only thing that she has left, her body. She picks up older men in a disco until one day she meets Andrej, a nice boy of her own age.

She falls deeply in love with him and when he tells her that she can come with him to Sweden to find a well-payed job and a beautiful apartment so she can start an entire new life far away of all the misery, she is convinced that for once and for all her luck has changed Just after I saw the movie, I went to bed to get some sleep, but the entire movie just kept spooking through my head all the time, keeping me awake for hours.

Even now, I'm still thinking about the horrible faith of that poor girl. That has a lot to do with the excellent acting of course.

Oksana Akinshina is a complete stranger to me, but her performance was so incredibly good and so believable, that you might easily forget that you are watching a movie instead of a real life documentary.

None of them is famous or has played in many other movies, but one by one, they play their roles as if they have never done anything else in their entire lives.

I would even say that its story will leave you behind completely devastated, but will also keep you thinking about Lilja for days after you've seen it.

That's what happened to me and that's something that I haven't experienced too often yet. If you are strong enough to cope with the hard reality, then you should definitely give this movie a try.

Well, thats how its ranked according to IMDb, although having seen nearly all of the films above it I would have to disagree.

Maybe,it's because i wasn't really expecting anything special after i had bought the film, that it hit me harder.

I had liked Moodyson's previous film, together, but the sleeve did not inspire me at all, the tale of a young Russian girl and how she befriends an 11 year old boy, nothing to get too excited about, there.

Then i unleashed the juggernaut of a film into my DVD player. I wasn't really concentrating for the first few minutes, but then got drawn in by the scene where Lilya, who initially pretended that she wasn't affected by her mother leaving for America, pleads with her not to go.

She cries hysterically and does not stop. It is X rated emotion and one of the most incredibly powerful scenes i have seen anywhere.

We then see Lilya's position go from bad to worse. Nearly every scene is touching and has a purpose. The acting is faultless, the character development is amazing.

Lilya is humiliated by everyone, her teacher, her peers, the shopkeepers, but always tries to maintain her dignity until it gets eaten away bit by bit.

Brilliantly exemplified by her looking for the money that she had thrown into the bin as dirty money. This film is about betrayal and power.

The betrayal of Lilya by her mother, her aunt, her supposed boyfriend and her betrayal of Volodya.

It is also about Lilya's fight for power and how badly she fails. When she sells her body for the first time and gains some power we are almost relieved, at least she can buy some necessities.

When she becomes a slave we are devastated. It makes the film far more effective not knowing the ending.

I didn't see it coming, but like Lilya, I should have. She wants her dreams so badly she remains in denial about the reality of her situation.

It shows her faith in humankind is so strong that she is not cynical about the boys motives in taking her to Sweden.

I was completely shell-shocked after seeing this film and i cannot believe people aren't shouting from the rooftops imploring others to see it.

Even though i cried for days after seeing this film i'm not actually an emotional person i wouldn't classify this as a depressing film.

It makes you realize how lucky your life is, and that you must enjoy to the full every moment of freedom that you have. Bad things happen to good people.

The world is unfair. Volodya gets one present in his life, a basketball from Lilya and that gets smashed by his father.

Kids in the west get everything and appreciate nothing. There are psychopaths in Broadmoor, who are truly evil, who get hours of psychotherapy but Lilya's spirit lives on forever.

This is about the buying and selling of human beings. Lilja is in a hopeless situation, she is betrayed and then sold.

The men who sell and buy her are not concerned with who she is, or why she is there. They don't want to know.

They do their business and don't ask questions. There is not much doubt this could be a true story. Moodysson wrote the script after reading about a young girl, an eastern European refugee, under strange circumstances throwing herself off a bridge in Malmö.

And most of the people on the planet live very hard lives. The buying and selling of people is something that we all live with. We all sell ourselves to anonymous corporations, we have to do it, it is in the fabric of our societies.

Liljas sale is on another scale of exploitation, of course, but it is also an extreme of what capitalism effectively means.

Everything is a commodity. The movie tells the story of of a young girls destruction by brutal socioeconomic and individual forces, both objectively and subjectively.

While there is no big drama, the story is told from the perspective of Lilja. There are a few weaknesses, the portrayal of Lilja starts with things going bad, and then they turn even worse.

We don't get to know Lilja outside of hardships, which probably enables us to differentiate ourselves from her.

Also its a bit over-explicit in the depiction of the adult betrayal of Lilja. What if, for example, Liljas mother hadn't disappeared, the way she does in the movie, would that make the story much less tragic?

This is the stark, frank and disturbing vision of the life of a young victim of the underground sex trade and in all its tone of realism of abject poverty, despicable actions and of wanting to show that dreaming of a better life is not a crime but that life can shatter the illusion of a happy ending.

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Rate This. R 1h 49min Crime , Drama 16 April France. Sixteen-year-old Lilja and her only friend, the young boy Volodja, live in Russia, fantasizing about a better life.

One day, Lilja falls in love with Andrej, who is going to Sweden, and invites Lilja to come along and start a new life.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Oksana Akinshina Lilja as Oksana Akinsjina Artyom Bogucharskiy Volodya as Artiom Bogutjarskij Lyubov Agapova Natasha Pavel Ponomaryov Andrei as Pavel Ponomarjov Tomasz Neuman Witek as Tomas Neumann Anastasiya Bedredinova Neighbor as Anastasia Bedredinova Tõnu Kark Sergei Nikolai Bentsler Friend 1 as Aleksandr Dorosjkevitj Yevgeni Gurov Friend 2 as Jevgenij Gurov Aleksandr Sokolenko Friend 3 Margo Kostelina Cashier 1 Veronika Kovtun Learn more More Like This.

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Dabei verweigert sich der Film see more politischen oder gesellschaftlichen Kritik und postuliert Ausbeutung als den Endzustand der modernen Gesellschaft. Den empfand ich auch als sehr deprimierend. Ihr verwechselt jetzt schon wieder schockierend mit deprimierend. Gerade die beiden Filme hinterlassen ein deprimierendes und geradezu hoffnungsloses Gefühl. Ihr Leben ist eine Krankheit, an der man nur eingehen kann. Offizielle Homepage. Alle Filme. Dort hockt sie zusammen mit dem kleinen Wolodja, sie schnüffeln Klebstoff, kuscheln, kümmern sich umeinander. Schweden Regie: Lukas Moodysson min. Dies ist bis zu 60 Minuten vor Beginn möglich. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Den empfand ich auch als sehr deprimierend. Gerade die beiden Filme hinterlassen ein deprimierendes check this out geradezu hoffnungsloses Article source. Meine 1! In "Lilja 4-ever", gedreht in einem rauen, fast dokumentarischem Stil, beweist er diesmal sein feines cineastisches Gespür für die Situation derer, die für es keinen Ausweg gibt. Ein Unbehagen stellt sich ein, wie immer, wenn das Unerträgliche mit dem Unausweichlichen verschmilzt. Einer, nach dem man sich fröstelnd, und stumm auf den Heimweg macht. Weil man ihn nie wieder vergisst. Um Kinokarten online zu kaufen, klicken Sie bitte those aaron kaufman freundin message den jeweiligen Spieltermin. FB facebook TW Tweet. Dort hockt sie zusammen mit dem kleinen Wolodja, sie schnüffeln It cool play, kuscheln, kümmern sich umeinander.

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Wir freuen uns, dass wir wieder Filme für Euch zeigen dürfen. Also die Jagd finde ich jetzt nicht deprimierend sondern einfach nur erschreckend. Ist doch scheisse. Als der Strom abgestellt wird, ein Geburtstagsgeschenk, selbst eine Tüte Chips unerschwinglich wird, geht Lilja anschaffen. Die zu Sowjetzeiten rund um die Altstadt Tallinns entstandenen gewaltigen Trabantenstädte spiegeln die trostlosen Lebensverhältnisse in vielen Plattenbaugegenden im ehemaligen Ostblock wider, wie beispielsweise in Kopli. Er nimmt sie mit nach Malmö, Schweden. Did you know that we try to show all films in their original language with German subtitles OmdtU? Unter ihren Freiern ist einer, der nett zu sein scheint. Die zu Sowjetzeiten rund um die Altstadt Tallinns entstandenen gewaltigen Trabantenstädte spiegeln die trostlosen Lebensverhältnisse in vielen Plattenbaugegenden alice belaГЇdi ehemaligen Ostblock wider, wie beispielsweise in Kopli. Und nachwirkt. Weit weg, nach Amerika. Der internationale englische Filmtitel lautet abweichend vom Original Lil y a 4-ever. Offizielle Homepage. Ihrem Folterer ist sie wenigstens dieses eine Mal entwischt. So springt sie von der Autobahnbrücke, und Rammstein singen mit donnernder Garstigkeit Charade Just click for source brennt dazu. Von Jennifer Ullrich — Weil man ihn nie wieder vergisst. Als der Strom abgestellt wird, ein Geburtstagsgeschenk, selbst visit web page Tüte Chips unerschwinglich wird, geht Lilja anschaffen. Find Lilja 4-ever at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Internationaler Titel: Lilya 4-ever Die jährige Lilja lebt allein in einem tristen Vorort irgendwo in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion und träumt. "Lilja 4-ever" ritzt eine junge Russin in ungelenken Buchstaben auf eine Parkbank ein. Sie will damit eine Spur hinterlassen, denn ihre Lage ist aussichtslos. Zur Prostitution gezwungen: Lukas Moodysons Film "Lilja 4-ever" über eine junge Russin. User Reviews language and set 8 October by ufibeebi — See all my reviews. Locations were only sparsely rigged by the crew. Oksana Akinshina lilja 4 ever I S Lilja. Theatrical release poster. Lilja 4-ever See more release poster. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the best more info never get the attention weihnachtsfilm they deserve. However, a disillusioned Lilya rejects check this out. While there is no big drama, the story is told from the perspective of Lilja. While we're sitting in the movie theatre and delight berlin serie torment ourselves through this masterpiece, happens outside exactly what Lilja encounters perhaps only a few kilometres or miles away from us.

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